Title: Data Accessibility Statement (DAS)

Download: Data_Accessibility_Statement.pdf


The Data Accessibility Statement (DAS) links scientific publishing to the research data produced by the project. The DAS is included as part of a journal article and articulates which data underlie a paper, where the data are available and under what conditions they can be accessed. By supporting data citation, the DAS also provides opportunities to credit the data collectors and curators. It complements the Data and Digital Outputs Management Plan Annex to articulate a coherent set of data and research outputs management expectations for researchers, with the ultimate result of improved sharing and re-use of research data. This document was approved during the 2018 Belmont Forum Plenary meeting. Author(s): Fiona Murphy, AT2 Finalized Date: 2018-01-10 Type: Template Keywords: research publishing science publishing publishing policy Data Accessibility Statement Springer Nature Elsevier PLOS