Project Profile: SEAVIEW

Scenario, Fishery, Ecological-Economic Modelling and Viability Network


Principal Investigators: Luc Doyen, CNRS Pessac, France
Partners: Olivier Thebaud, IFREMER - Pessac, France
L. Richard Little, CSIRO, Australia
Martin Quaas, University of Kiel, Germany
Astrid Jarre, University of Cape Town, South Africa
Leo Duta, CSIRO - Dutton Park, Australia
Debora Martins de Freitas, Technological Institute of Aeronautics - Santos City, Brazil
Fabian Blanchard, IFREMER - Cayenne, France
Claire Armstrong, University of Tromsø, Norway
Felipe Gusmao, Federal University of São Paulo, Brazil
Sponsors: Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation, Australia
São Paulo Research Foundation, Brazil
French National Research Agency, France
German Research Foundation, Germany
The Research Council of Norway, Norway
National Research Foundation, South Africa


Full Project Title: Scenario, Fishery, Ecological-Economic Modelling and Viability Network
Full Call Title: Biodiversity2014


Project Objective: The aim of the network SEAVIEW is to reinforce and disseminate the methodological advances of the network teams regarding viability modeling for ecosystem-based fishery and marine biodiversity scenarios and management strategies.
Call Objective: The objective of this call is to stimulate the formation of international networks of scientists and the advancement of the inter- and trans-disciplinary methodologies of scenario-building needed to enhance usefulness of biodiversity scenarios in decision-making.




Call Date: June 9, 2014
Project Award Date: 2014