Project Profile: PREMISS

Partnership for Research to Enhance Methodologies In Sustainability Science


Principal Investigators: Alexis Florent Aurélien Drogoul, French National Research Institute for Sustainable Development, France
Partners: Shiuh-Shen Chien, National Taiwan University, Chinese Taipei
Hester Du Plessis, University of Pretoria, South Africa
Doanh Nguyen-Ngoc, Thuyloi University, Vietnam
Ahmet Kilic Suerdem, Istanbul Bilgi University, Turkey
Sponsors: French National Research Agency, France
Ministry of Science and Technology, Chinese Taipei
National Research Alliance for the Environment, France
National Research Foundation, South Africa
Scientific and Technological Research Council, Turkey


Full Project Title: Partnership for Research to Enhance Methodologies In Sustainability Science
Full Call Title: Pathways2020


Project Objective: The objective of PREMISS is to go further and demonstrate the extent to which a combination of these two technologies can effectively support transdisciplinary approaches, which are based on the integration of knowledge between disciplines and actors in society, which promote the creative and collaborative design of new problem-solving methods, and which are gradually becoming an essential part of the sustainability science paradigm to address complex socio-environmental problems.
Call Objective: The goal of this CRA is to provide a science base for achieving sustainability goals. The CRA will support 1-2 years of collaborative research networking activities that focus on integrated qualitative and quantitative approaches to develop Earth-system-based transformation pathways for sustainable development.


Regions: Africa, Asia, Europe
Countries: Chinese Taipei, South Africa, Turkey, Vietnam


Duration: 24 months
Call Date: 2020
Project Award Date: 2021