Project Profile: NICH-Arctic

From Nunavik to Iceland: Climate, Human and Culture through time across the coastal (sub) Arctic North Atlantic


Principal Investigators: Anne de Vernal, The Université du Québec à Montréal, Canada
Partners: Émilie Gauthier, UMR 6249 chrono-environnement-Université de Bourgogne-Franche Comté, France
Ragnar Sumarlidi Isleifsson, University of Iceland, Iceland
Marit-Solveig Seidenkrantz, Aarhus University, Denmark
Elizabeth Thomas, University at Buffalo, USA
Henning Waerp, University of Tromsø, Norway
Sponsors: Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada, Canada
Danish Agency for Science and Higher Education, Denmark
National Research Agency, France
Icelandic Center for Research, Iceland
Research Council of Norway, Norway
National Science Foundation, United States


Full Project Title: From Nunavik to Iceland: Climate, Human and Culture through time across the coastal (sub) Arctic North Atlantic
Full Call Title: Arctic2019


Project Objective: With the aim to assess on resilience and vulnerability of the Arctic-subarctic North Atlantic the project will integrate multidisciplinary information according to three foci: (i) natural variability of sea ice, climate and vegetation, (ii) adaptation of local human populations to their habitat and (iii) cultural representation and perceptions of the natural environments by local and outside-of-the-region populations. Expected outcomes include (i) the setting of a well-documented database of climate and ecological changes in the study area, (ii) an integrated documentation of climate, environmental and cultural variations over decades to centuries, (iii) resilience assessment in the study areas from both environmental and human points of view, (iii) a series of workshops and conferences involving researchers and local populations, and (iv) dissemination (translation, publication of books and articles, website, videos, etc.) of knowledge to scientific communities and the general public.
Call Objective: This joint Belmont Forum CRA calls for co-developed and co-implemented proposals from integrated teams of natural and social scientists, and stakeholders to address key areas of arctic resilience understanding and action. This collaboration of academic and non-academic knowledge systems constitutes a transdisciplinary approach that will advance not only understanding of the fundamentals of arctic resilience but also spur action, inform decision-making, and translate into solutions for resilience.


Regions: Arctic, Europe, North America
Countries: Canada, Denmark, France, Iceland, Norway, United States of America (USA)


Duration: 49
Call Date: 20 February 2019
Project Award Date: 5 February 2020