Open Data in Global Environmental Research: Findings from the Community

This presentation summarizes the findings from the Open Data in Global Environmental Research survey conducted by Work Package 5 (Open Data) in the scoping phase of the e-I&DM project. The survey highlights users’ perceptions of the term “open data”, expectations of infrastructure functionalities, and barriers and enablers for the sharing of data. 

BF e-Infrastructure Final Report Summary: Illustrated Presentation

This PowerPoint slideset is available as an outreach tool to participants who wish to speak about the project or the recommendations in the Community Strategy and Implementation Plan. The slides briefly cover the impetus and organization of the Belmont Forum e-infrastructure CRA and summarize the recommendations and action items of the final report. Users should consider these slides a basic outline, and are welcome to choose individual slides as necessary or to restructure, embellish or personalize these slides to suit their needs.  


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