Final Report

Curricula Outcomes Report

This NERC document discusses background and considerations for the execution of the e-Infrastructures and Data Management curricula framework recommendations. 


Keywords: NERC, curricula development, CODATA, summer school, transdisciplinary, training, outcomes-based, framework, data intensive, data management, cost management

Data Skills Curricula Framework

The Data Skills Curricula Framework is the final report delivered by the Capacity Building Action Theme of the Implementation Phase of the e-Infrastructurs and Data Management Project. Knowledge of multi-disciplinary and multi-source data integration and analysis platforms isbecoming an essential skill for data-enabled transdisciplinary science, and this curricula framework aima to anticipate the skills needs of researchers working within the federated data systems recognisedas priorities by the e-Infrastructures Action Theme members.


Skills Gap Analysis

This skills gap analysis is the first formal output of AT4.  The skills gap analysis is based firstly on a survey completed by current practitioners in the science and data management of global change research and secondly on additional information gathered from complementary global organisations and professionals.  The survey includes a catalogue of recommended existing training activities relevant to the Belmont Forum. 

Open Data in Global Environmental Research: Open Data Survey

This paper presents the findings of the Belmont Forum’s survey on Open Data which targeted the global environmental research and data infrastructure community. It highlights users’ perceptions of the term “open data”, expectations of infrastructure functionalities, and barriers and enablers for the sharing of data. A wide range of good practice examples was pointed out by the respondents which demonstrates a substantial uptake of data sharing through e-infrastructures and a further need for enhancement and consolidation.


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