Draft Report

Data Planning Template v1.4

Released in September 2017, this is the most recent version of the Data Planning Template produced for the e-I&DM project. Elements of this template, either whole or in part, are incorporated into Belmont Forum funding calls for SUGI, T2S, and BioDiversity Scenarios.

Keywords: SUGI, T2S, BioDivScen, data planning, data management, data storage, data sharing, open access, DMP

DRAFT - Community Strategy and Implementation Plan

This is the Draft Community Strategy and Implementation Plan, open for review by members of the project Assembly (Work Packages). This report synthesizes the actions submitted by the Work Packages, and was generated just following a Steering Committee meeting in Tokyo, Japan (April 2015). This report has been reviewed by the Steering Committee and Belmont Forum Group of Program Coordinators.

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