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e-I&DM Team AGU Oral Presentations

The Belmont Forum Secretariat and the e-I&DM team will be available throughout the week at Booth #601 in the Exhibition Hall.

The Belmont Forum e-I&DM team is proud to participate in several forums at the 2018 AGU Fall Meeting in Washington, DC. All attendees are invited to join the conversation about integrative data management for scientific research:

Oral Sessions

IN22A-03 - Erica Key: International Cooperation Toward FAIR Principles and Open Data in Transdisciplinary Research (10:50-11:00)


U23A-02 - Maria Uhle: The Time is Now - Ideas for Supporting Digital Infrastructures - Lessons from the Belmont Forum (1:55-2:00)


IN34A - Rowena Davis (Convener):  Research Data Management: Developing Standards for Data Usability and Trust and Building Capacity with Targeted Data Training for the Research Team 

  • Wednesday, 12 December,  4:00-6:00 Rm 206


PA54B-09 - Maria Uhle: International Research Opportunities to Help Address Global Agenda 2030