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Data Skills Curricula Development Workshop

Vienna, Austria
28 April 2017

Thank you to everyone who participated in the Belmont Forum e-I&DM Data Skills Curricula Development Workshop in Vienna, Austria. The workshop organizers were honored to hear about a variety of approaches from international experts on data management and worksforce training. The workshop identified and prioritized skill development needs and techniques to enable optimal performance as a research scientist in data intensive global change research, in both social and natural sciences. Links to the presentations are available below. 

In 2016, the eI&DM Capacity Building team circulated a data skills survey to identify key digital skills needed by researchers to effectively shape, organize, share, find and reuse data in a transdisciplinary environment. Responses formed the basis of a Data Training and Skills Gap Analysis released March 2017. The workshop was held to add detail and scope to the Skills Gap Analysis, as well as to : 

  • Identify and assess current training options that meet those needs;
  • Identify additional steps necessary for researchers to achieve optimal data skills.

Outcomes of the workshop will be used to develop a curricula report to help the Belmont Forum design future training requirements and initiatives. Read Actionable Outcomes report.

Presentation Author Organization
Introduction to Belmont Forum and objectives Robert Gurney

Co-chair, e-I&DM project

University of Reading

Skills Gap Analysis report and discussion Vicky Lucas

Human Dimensions Champion, e-I&DM project

Institute for Environmental Analytics

Lightning Talks (1)    
NERC’s goals and expectations Matt Dobson Senior program manager, NERC
Knowledge, skills, and abilities of earth science data job incumbents Wade Bishop School of Information Sciences at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville
From domain to data: A case  study Lesley Wyborn Australian National University, National Computational Infrastructure Facility and Research School of Earth Sciences
Biodiversity data publication and re-use Andre Heughebaert Global Biodiversity Information Facility
The needs of transdisciplinary research Jean Pierre Vilotte

e-Infrastructures Champion, e-I&DM project

Institut de Physique du Globe de Paris (CNRS)

World Cafe Discussions (1) group forum Topics: Data Discovery, Data Complexity, Programming/ Workflow, Data Standards and Management - BARRIERS
<<Discussion and Lunch>>    
Lightning Talks (2)    
Can open science make research grants more competitive? Ivo Grigorov FOSTER
Development of the ICSU World Data System Research Data Management (RDM) training curriculum Mustapha Mokrane WDS
DataONE Data Management Training - the different approaches to data management training Rebecca Koskela DataONE
Managing, sharing and handling research data: positive contributions from the social sciences Louise Corti UK Data Service, UK Data Archive, University of Essex, CESSDA, UK Economic and Social Research Council
CESSDA- Data management training in the social sciences Oliver Watteler Consortium of European Social Science Data Archives (CESSDA), GESIS  - Leibniz Institute for the Social Sciences
World Cafe Discussions (2)   Topics: Data Discovery, Data Complexity, Programming/ Workflow, Data Standards and Management - SOLUTIONS 

Reflections on CODATA-RDA summer school

Hugh Shanahan Royal Halloway, University of London
Final discussion and wrap up