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Action Theme 3: e-Infrastructures

Action Theme 3 steered development of the Belmont Forum Collaborative Research Action known as the Science Driven e-Infrastructure Innovation (SEI) for the Enhancement of Transnational, Interdisciplinary, and Transdisciplinary Data Use in Environmental Change Research (SEI for short). The SEI call was released on 16 April, 2018 with participation from ANR (France) FAPESP (Brazil), MoST (Chinese Taipei), JST (Japan), and NSF (US). The goals of the call include identifying the most critical e-infrastructure issues to address in order to facilitate adherence to the Belmont Forum open Data Policy and Principles.

A scoping workshop in Paris, France was hosted by ANR in November 2016 to identify existing data management strategies for cross-disciplinary research projects already being carried out under the Belmont Forum, Future Earth, GEO or other international initiatives and build on them. Subjects included matrix analysis preparation, use cases analysis, and DMIP and call scoping.

Examination case studies into the way researchers are using data and e-infrastructures in large interdisciplinary investigations will help determine community best practice. Reports from the case studies will be used to inform the development of the data management template developed by the Data Planning Action Theme, to illustrate weaknesses (and strengths) in existing e-infrastructures and to provide evidence to advise on the technical implementation of future e-infrastructures. Ideally, workflow issues identified will also be considered by the Capacity Building Action Theme to address with training opportunities where possible.

A concept note and annex was to presented to the Belmont Forum Principals for approval as a Collaborative Research Action at their Plenary Meeting In November 2017. The proposition was approved to move forward, and the early months of 2018 were spent negotiating to secure multinational funding for development of this e-infrastructures-oriented project or integration of data management tools into existing calls.

From January 2016 to July 2017, the role of e-Infrastructures Champion was dually fulfilled by Mark Asch and Jean Pierre Vilotte of ANR, in collaboration with team members from MoST and JST. Dr. Vilotte assumed the role of project lead when Mark Asch stepped down.