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Data Planning

Action Theme 2: Data Planning

The Data Planning Theme helps promote active and effective data management and stewardship in all Belmont Forum funded research, and works to enable harmonization of e-infrastructures through enhanced project data planning, monitoring, review and sharing.

The primary goal is to coordinate an approach to long term data management over the life cycle of research projects by incrementally integrating tools and policies for optimal project planning and budgeting. A goal is to develop a data management section for all potential Belmont Forum projects, possibly generating a Data Management Plan that will cover the management of data, connection of the data to associated context, facilitating the discoverability of the data, and ensuring that the data is capable of reuse/exploitation.

The Theme convenes and participates in working groups regarding key issues associated with data management to ensure the viability and global harmonization of ideas. Data publishers, for instance, safeguard and disseminate untold amounts of research data, and play a key role in access to scientific information. Likewise, security and legal interests ensure that data are protected and fair.

The Data Planning Theme also explores issues associated with budgeting and the cost of long-term data management, identification of key repositories, and the establishment of metrics and review mechanisms.