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  • e-Infrastructures &
    Data Management
    Developing sustainable practices for data discovery,
    management, and curation.

International Collaboration

Twenty-five international science funding agencies have agreed to enable open access to scientific data.

Belmont Forum Data Policy and Principles
Belmont Forum

e-Infrastructures and Data Management Collaborative Research Action

The Belmont Forum e-Infrastructures and Data Management Collaborative Research Action (CRA) is leveraging worldwide conversations on data sharing e-infrastructures to coordinate open access to transdisciplinary research data generated by Belmont Forum projects. In October 2015, the Belmont Forum adopted a Data Policy and Principles to promote data sharing and reuse among their 25+ international science funding agencies and research partners. These open data principles were recommended in the Community Strategy and Implementation Plan, the report released in 2015 from the scoping phase of the project. Now, work is being undertaken as four independent but interrelated Action Themes to identify, evaluate and adopt global best practices in e-infrastructures and data management for Belmont Forum projects.

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Four strategic action areas drive the project forward.

A Coordination Office fosters collaboration between project areas and promotes cooperation among global e-Infrastructure initiatives.
Data Planning promotes active and effective data management and stewardship in all Belmont Forum funded research.
E-Infrastructures Exemplars examines critical barriers to data sharing.
Capacity Building aims to give Belmont Forum researchers skills to manage, access, and reuse data across nations, domains, and disciplines.

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