The Belmont Forum e-Infrastructures and Data Management Collaborative Research Action (CRA) is leveraging worldwide conversations on data sharing e-infrastructures to coordinate and promote access to transdisciplinary research data generated by Belmont Forum projects. In October 2015, the Belmont Forum adopted a Data Policy and Principles to promote open access to research data generated by Belmont Forum projects. Open data principles were recommended in the Community Strategy and Implementation Plan, the report released in 2015 from the scoping phase of the e-Infrastructures CRA. Now, work is being undertaken as four independent but interrelated Action Themes, to identify, eveluate and adopt global best practices in e-infrastructures and data management for Belmont Forum projects. An overview of the project and an events calendar are available on the Activities tab

The Scoping Phase of the Belmont Forum E-Infrastructures and Data Management Collaborative Research Action (2013-2015) brought together domain scientists, computer and information scientists, legal scholars, social scientists, and other experts from more than 14 countries. This team issued recommendations on how the Belmont Forum can implement a more coordinated, holistic, and sustainable approach to the funding and support of global environmental change research. 

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